The most critical aspect of eye care practice is the Fundus examination. Retinal imaging is superior to fundus analysis as it enables intraocular pathologies to be photo captured and encrypted information to be shared with colleagues and patients.

Slit Lamp Adapter

Slit Lamp Adapter

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Recent technologies allow smartphone-based attachments and integrated lens adaptors to transform the smartphone into a portable fundus camera.


traditional fundus cameras provide Digital images with High Quality and provide Different modes to view different retinal areas and it is Good with hazy media,

But they are:

  • very expensive.
  • non portable.
  • need skills and training.
  • have problems with convenience and portability.

In contrast,

Retinal imaging by smartphone are readily available, relatively inexpensive, and easy to operate. It has a fully embedded system capable of acquisition, storage, and analysis of fundus images that can be directly transmitted from the phone via the wireless telecommunication system for remote evaluation.

Smartphone ophthalmoscope for Retinal imaging:

The smartphone camera can be used as a portable ophthalmoscope when used in conjunction with a +20D condensing lens. The flash should be turned on to illuminate and view the fundus.

  • Portable
  • Very easy usage
  • Wide compatibility with phones “compatible with android and IOS devices”
  • Wide compatibility with indirect lenses: “Volk, Heine, Ocular, Nikon, Indian”
  • The lowest cost. 

Best 5 ways for retinal photography

Photos and videos taken by Choroida Fundus Explorer :


Full fundus examination via Choroida fundus explorer.

Choroida fundus explorer (installation, specifications, lenses compatibility).

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