Smartphone slit lamp photography is the new advancement in the field of science and technology in which the photographs of the desired slit-lamp finding can be taken with smartphones by using the slit-lamp adapters.

Slit Lamp Adapter

Slit Lamp Adapter

Slit Lamp Adapter - Get

smartphone slit-lamp photography

smartphone slit-lamp photography


The Smartphone slit lamp allows for photo documentation of any ocular pathology. It has a fully embedded system capable of storing and analysis of ocular images.

The images and videos can be directly transmitted from the phone via wireless telecommunication.

It helps in communication between eye care professionals to discuss a particular pathological case.

It plays a key role in keeping up the patient records and in-patient education.

It is useful in recording videos especially fundus and gonioscopy, specular photographs.


Smartphone slit lamp can be done with bare hands. But this method requires steady hands and is troublesome to some extent. The alternatives are adapters. These are available to buy online at our website. They make it easier to do slitlamp photography and surgical photography and video recording through the eyepiece of microscopes.

Choroida Slit lamp Adaptor of Smartphone slit lamp photography



  • Simple, easy & affordable
  • suitable for all mobile phones
  • suitable for heavy devices like tablets.
  • 3D Printed.
  • portable, lightweight
  • block flashlight to depend on slit-lamp lightening only.
  • adjustable for many sizes.
smartphone slit-lamp photography

smartphone slit-lamp photography

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Photos taken by Choroida slit-lamp adaptor:

Choroida Slit lamp adaptor for 10X, 12X & 12.5X eyepieces.

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